The seemingly effortless transformation from clever idea to finished product has to be seen to be believed. The fascinating glass blowing process called "Lamp Work" uses specially hand made glass tubes of many stunning colours.

This is combined with the skill of a master craftsman/artist/engineer to blend century old traditions of glass blowing with an appreciation and love of the shape and colour of Australian flora and fauna. Undaunted by being in the public gaze, Wolfgang delights in sharing his art with others.

The glass combines raw materials such as soda, lime and metal oxides, such as cobalt or copper to give vibrant colours, and is heated to 900 to 1200 degrees to render it soft enough to shape. Combining colours under the flame of the torch while constantly manipulating the softened glass demands great manual dexterity. Incorporating one coloured creature inside another is definitely magic.

Now Wolfgang offers Glass Blowing Lessons to interested individuals.